Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Praise to the Glorious King

by Hannah

Praise to the glorious King,
Who on the Earth my soul did bring.
The breathe of life, to me He gave.
Then offered His, my heart to save.
The beauty of His world to behold, 
The mystery of His ways to unfold.

Praise to the marvelous King!
Who gives me hope that I may cling.
The bread of life I may partake,
As my sin, my heart will forsake.
And when I've overcome my sin,
I'll be ready to walk with Him.

Bring on the trials, bring on the rain!
I know the sun will shine again.
The King of kings will be my cover.
My soul delights in Him like no other.
In light and truth I will abide,
Til at last He'll take me for His bride!

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