We are women seeking for the light and knowledge that will lead us to embrace Christ and know our Heavenly Parents. This blog details some of our struggles, studies, and stories.

The Authors

Nicky Smith: I am a wife, a mother of five, a studier of scripture, and a seeker of truth. My ultimate goal is to become pure and learn to love the Lord with my whole heart and teach my children to do the same.

Stephanie Aud: I am a Southern Country girl learning to live in NYC with my husband and two daughters.  I love learning to recognize the pieces of heaven in my trials and successes that will one day lead me to the presence of Jesus Christ.  

Kimber Albrechtsen: I live in Qatar with my husband and three children. I love to write, study the scriptures, and meditate on the mysteries of heaven. 

Hannah: I'm a wife, mother and devoted handmaid of Christ. I'm striving to gain the light and truth necessary to obtain the rest of Jesus Christ.

Erin West: I am blessed with an incredible husband and five children. I seek to totally surrender myself to Christ and take joy in the way He guides me. 


  1. Dear Sisters,

    I would love to see you deliver this work in LDS General Conference. After hearing your well referenced message of truth, I can visualize one soul after another quietly stand and leave the Conference Center. I can visualize a large number of Women groan, and quickly leave after hearing Brigham Youngs vow to drive a lance through the heart of an unfaithful (plural) wife, albeit righteously (in his mind), because after all, he was (or was it the 12 Apostles) the popular vote to succeed the REAL Prophets, Joseph Smith, Jr. and Hyram Smith.

    Thank you for your righteous efforts to search out the truth and share it without fear.

    Your brother in Christ,

    Roy Moore
    Monroe, UT

  2. Thank You! I pray your efforts will ripple through the lives of many and continue to bless their lives!


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