Monday, June 3, 2019

Contrived Titles

by Kimber Albrechtsen

If someone is called and sustained to be a primary teacher, but they subsequently spend each class directing games of hangman or showing Bible videos on their ipad, do they really deserve the designation of "teacher"? Does their title qualify whatever they do as "teaching"? Or is their true identity of "teacher" determined by whether or not they actually teach anything?

What if someone is called and sustained to be a prophet, seer, or revelator?

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  1. What if someone is called a child of God? What if they don't act like it? I think often titles or callings are given to remind us and invite us to realize our potential rather than describe our current state of maturity. Those titles or callings also help remind others to see those with the titles or callings as God sees them, to remind others to inspire those called to strive to realize their potential.


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